Pareto Kal

Pareto is a quality Kalonline server utilizing talented
developers and resources to ensure the best experience around
Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain features for the players.


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    Server Information

    Hello Pareto Kal Community This is a low/mid rate private server If you're a low rate lover then this server is recommended for you and worth giving it a try.

    - A few details about the server

    - Up to date original Items & Systems

    - No Shaman

    - No Pay2Win Server

    - Latest engine

    - 30~40 exp rate with a custom drop rate

    - 100% stable and hack protected

    - MD5 protection & new client protection

    - Real balanced PvP and PvE

    - Intlike royal Inspector and mission board table quest system

    - New main city

    - New areas and monsters

    - New designs

    - A lot of monsters have original Skills

    - Daily and repeatable quests with valuable rewards

    - participate in! (New map for all tournaments)

    - Daily battlefield - 1v1 tournament

    - Costumes visual bug fixed

    - International spawns

    - Demon gong system (Reworked)

    - New inventory UI

    - Rent System

    - New craft system

    - Instance System

    - F10 System

    - Real Mining System

    - Riding system

    - Additional exp stone

    - Additional animal exp Stone

    - Upgradeable Suits (Armor Skins)

    - Castle war every sunday (auto system)

    - Castle war winner system (set and gather taxes - boss)

    - Teacher system

    - Treasure box gamble system (100% Int System)

    - Intlike imperial/mix system (Pub manager)

    We are aiming to run the server for a long time

    Updates will be applied on the right time based on the players needs.

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